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We build the strongest team of business leaders.  From financial services, to car insurance, home alarms and loans, we have the platform to get you plugged in, trained and licensed to building a massive 6 figure business.  We're recognized for having generated  more millionaires than any other organization.  Find out how by completing below.

Regional Vice President

Manny Massoud

RVP, $200,000K + Club

Having years of sales and leadership background from the auto industry, Manny Massoud is no stranger to working 60 + hour weeks to provide for his family his dreams.

After recognizing how much of his time he has sacrificed in correlation to earned  income, he seeked a career that allows him financial freedom with the ability of choosing when to work and when to enjoy the fruits of life's blessings. 


Within only 2 years of joining the financial services field, Manny has built one of the fastest growing teams and is pacing $300,000 of income.  In recognition of his impact, he has been named "Manymal" by many of his colleagues.

Email : RVP Manny 

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