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Shahram Fayaz

Continuous self-improvement, daily, even weekends. Why? For you. I understand the daily struggles of good Americans everywhere and want to have full capacity to serve.

Leave it better than you found it. This motto I picked up from camping with my dad at a young age, to the hikes of college years, and into my daily routine and interactions with people today. Make things better for people who cross your path.


I am excited to connect with you now by phone and on social media in these times of Social Distancing.


🔄Quick Backstory🔄


Being a martial artist, dancer, and personal/business banker, health and teaching have always been a top priority since to me. Along with serving the community, I was constantly seeking a way to reach out and help more people, my age, my dads age, younger and less-younger all. And my research led me to leaders in the community in finance and wellness and servitude. I was fortunate enough to be taken under their wings and molded into who I am today, ready to make things simple & easy for you moving forward.  



What are some goals you have right now in the current state of things? Are you planning the next big purchase? Or just making sure the bills get paid? Are you confused by any of the new documents needed by Social Security? Or could benefit to make sure you’re getting everything due to you? Either way, I’d love to hear all about it. Let’s talk.




The ability to help people EVERYWHERE 🌎 is easily the most rewarding part of this career. And helping people with their health and finances makes a big difference in someone’s world. To have an experienced friend to guide you through it. It's absolutely priceless seeing close friends regain their freedom to live a life on their own terms.


Seeing that type of change for myself and others is such a blessing and I know that people everywhere are looking for what we've found with this team of professionals.


I'm looking to connect and work with likeminded people who:


🔹Truly care about their present and future, both financially and their quality of life, and are willing to put in the elbow-grease and time to take a look at it, and adjust accordingly, if needed. I invite you to share your past with me, and we can build a solid foundation from there together.


🔹If it’s broken, ready for change and determined to

live a life by design.



🔹You DO NOT need to understand all the industry lingo and jargon. We’ll talk plain old simple English (or Spanish or Farsi)


🔹You DO NOT need to be good at math. If there’s any calculations to run, I’ll take care of that for you


🔹You DO NOT need previous experience. My team and I provide a combined 100 years in the industry, for you


🔹You DO NOT need to feel "ready" but just ready to open the first page in a beneficial relationship. A virtual mentor. A coach. You’ll have me in your back pocket any time you need me.


Have faith that this is that one thing that you have been searching for and have confidence in yourself and our team to help coach you through anything and everything Medicare A/B/C, Supplemental Health Insurance, Planning, Final Expense Planning, Goal Setting, Savings, Investments, and even IRA’s (and much more, anything you desire)


We have the platform, tools, patience, knowledge & experience you need to help you meet your goals and protect your assets. I'll be there for you every step of the way, and so will my team.


Warmest regards,


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Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Facts 01.

Live Your Dreams

What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all the time.

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