10X Legacy changes the life insurance game!

10X Legacy, powered by Ethos offers a fully automated, strategic referral platform for licensed insurance agents across the country. With 10X Legacy, prospects can apply for term life insurance online in just about 10 minutes without talking to an agent (though an option should they need help). The platform offers flexible coverage options one can personalize to fit their budget and coverage needs and most people don’t even need a medical exam. Upon issue, (normally takes under 10 minutes from start to finish) you are credited commissions without any efforts. All you need is your own referral link to get started. 10X Legacy offers competitive commissions, a fully automated, tech advanced quoting and back office platform for agents and agency managers without any fees.

Click Join 10X Legacy to join or click here if you're an agent or have your own agency and like to get started. Add a fully automated back office and virtual insurance agency without any monthly fees or expenses.

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