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Allow Us To Automate Your Income

With zero investment...that's right.  What IPOA is offering is a fully automated insurance engine for your practice.  All you need is WiFi and the ability to copy and paste your unique referral link.   As a matter of fact, by the time you had finished reading this sentence, some one could have been applying for life insurance on your link, being issued in under 10 minutes, many without a paramed exam and you would of been compensated as though you had sold the policy as you do now...the difference is speed and leverage...Allow us to explain.

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What is your current automated process?


Let us don't have one. That's OK, you're not alone.  Just like 99% of the insurance agents, most are still building the traditional way.  Prospect, market, run appointments, present and sale, then repeat.  That way works, and this in no way interrupts your current business flow.

Instead think LEVERAGE, think ADDITION, think QUANTIFICATION, think SCALING. Think 10X..


Why partner with IPOA?

- Aggressive commissions starting pay out of 70%.

- Fully automated, plug and play.

- Passive addition to your income.

 - We build your referral portal at no cost.

- Top rated insurance carriers.

- Competitive policy premiums. (quote here )

- Free Lead incentives for producers.

- Brand as your own Agency.

- From apply to issue in under 10 minutes.

- Full back office provided to track clients, policies and commissions.

Above and more...with NO COST TO YOU.


Takes less than 3 minutes to join!  Let's get started!


Contact us direct if you are an Multi Agency Owner or Downline Manager.



Are you captive or with an existing IMO/FMO? You can still join!  IPOA Automation is a"referral arrangement" you are never appointed with the carriers or the writing agents, you are simply a licensed "referral source" by sharing your unique landing page.

Are you an agent who doesn't use their license much? Join here.

Imagine distributing a link through social media and asking your network to share with others that don't yet have life insurance?

How many would get a quote? 

How many would apply?

How many wouldn't mind sharing the link on their social media and so forth...

get the picture.

Click here to get started!

Welcome to IPOA, powered by Ethos.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

Facts 01.

If a window of opportunity appears,

don't pull down the shade.

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